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It all started when...

I decided that something had to be done about paper drawings and problems surrounding scaling and differences in units. As a result, I created a product that had a familiar shape, but a much vaster ability when it came to measuring. Essentially, I wanted it to be able to measure anything and everything.

I've spent a year designing and developing a mechanical prototype. Because this product is supposed to be a combination of mechanical, digital and electrical, there is still work to be done! The electrical design and programming is not exactly cheap, and don't even get me started on the screen! The long thin electronic paper screen is a big challenge in this endeavor, as it's not something that currently exists on the market.

In the video, for the purpose of promoting the product by helping people understand its functionality, visual affects were added. These make the screen appear to function, but in reality, there is just a printed scale on it.   

Funding is required to continue developing this product and to get it to a point where it can be in your hand, ready to work and function as intended. The funding is required for the following:

A. Product Development, Prototypes, Sourcing

B. Tooling - Plastic, PCBA setup, Test Fixtures (programming)

C. Preproduction Testing (A minimum of two rounds)

D. Production - cash in advance, and Minimum order quantities come into play 

E. Continuing engineering support - boots on the ground and engineering efforts to transition to production

F.  Set up of logistics and reverse logistics 

G. Travel & Shipping logistics/ reverse logistics (returns for failures/ quality defects)